In the true sense of the word, Lelana Crayne is a fearless entrepreneur and one who uses her entrepreneurial spirit in the name of helping others.

Through her authentic charm, and as an International Brand Partner for Nerium, Lelana shares the amazing results from the Nerium product line which addresses multiple skin concerns at once, including: wrinkles, discoloration, and texture. With Nerium, you may sample the anti aging creams for seven days. Within the week, your skin will have a chance to feel and experience the Nerium “Glow!” Nerium products give you a wonderful opportunity to try before you buy.

Lelana is also a wonderful advocate in helping people improve the quality of their lives with simple solutions for better sleep, energy, water, air, exercise, nutrition, stronger bones through her consulting business with Nikken. Test any of the Nikken products for free at home before you buy.

Lelana’s multifaceted talents run even deeper when it comes to tutoring. She brings 40 years of teaching experience to her business, Learning Styles & Strategies, where she tutors children ages 4-10. And Loves it!