Our body functions at its best with regular exercise, which increases our strength, regulates our weight, and improves our cardiovascular health. Exercise also enhances our energy and ability to sleep, while reducing stress and improving our mood. Nikken’s sports gear, wraps, and bands are ideal for active people and athletes who want to enhance their exercise regimen and aid their level of comfort and support. Experience the benefits of Nikken’s exclusive DynaFlux Magnetic and TriPhase technologies found in the Kenko PowerBand and Kenko MagFlex. By combining magnetic components with far-infrared energy and negative ions, Nikken’s sports products increase energy and helps relieve the pain from exercise. Hydration is an incredibly important part of exercise, and the Pimag Sport Bottle from Nikken will help you stay properly hydrated to ensure a quality workout.



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  • Lelana is such a bright light and is always there if I need her. She let us try a fantastic sleep system for a couple of weeks to make sure we loved it before we bought it. Later my husband hurt his back and she was there in a nanosecond with a magnetic seat for us to use on an international flight. It provided huge benefit! Nikken’s products are fantastic and Lelana will bend over backwards to help. She’s a wealth of information too. Can’t say enough great things about Lelana!

    Lynn Kirkham

    Public Speaking Coach / Leadership Training / Motivational Speaker
  • Lelana Crayne….what can I say? Is there anyone more excited about the product they offer than Lelana! She has a wonderful story to share. Lelana exudes passion and confidence over the delicious water, magnetic energy, healthy bone solutions and other wonderful products made by Nikken. She has an extremely strong desire to educate the general public about the 5 Pillars of Health: Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. I admire her for that! Thank you Lelana!

    Phyllis Garland, Marketing Professional

    Digital Marketing | CMS Expert and Consultant | Technical Trainer
  • I appreciate the integrity with which Lelana works. She insists that all her clients try before they buy, and try her products out for an extended period of time. This attitude makes it much easier and less stressful when making purchase decisions.

    Kirsten Weiss

    Content Development | Writer – Business and Entertainment
  • Lelana is an amazing person who really cares about people. I trust her with all my heart. Lelana is not just a knowledgeable Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant; she has been using Nikken products for many years herself. It seems that Nikken transformed not just her look (she looks outstandingly younger), but also her personality. She has lots of energy and is reaching new goals every day.
    The Nikken PiMag water filtering system is a must have essential in every home. My family has been using it for the last 5 years, and we love it. I have to tell you, I still don’t know how it works, but since I start using it, I don’t have severe headaches caused by sinuses infections. Thank you, Lelana.

    Lena Griffin

    Broker/Owner of LG Realty
  • Lelana is a delight. She has incredible knowledge about the Nikken products and natural ways to improve the quality of life. She is very generous and understanding – she will allow you to test out the products that may improve the quality of life, and after reconnecting with Lelana were now able to see what if the products that were used would be beneficial to invest in. Lelana is a superior represenatation of the Nikken Wellness Group, and I would highly reccommend meeting with her if there are health and wellness issues that you may be having trouble with.

    Kelly Corwell Cansler, MBA

    Agency Owner
  • Lelana is an expert on Nikken products for health and wellness. And she has a great approach with clients in that she freely loans out samples of products for trial use to see if they achieve the desired effect. I really like that risk reversal strategy and took advantage of it recently to try out their remarkable insoles, which I ended up buying.
    Lelana is kind, generous, caring and a great listener. She is in this business because she wants to help people with the products she has at her disposal. I recommend her to anyone that has a nagging ailment or condition to see if she might have a solution for you. I can assure you it will be an enjoyable meeting for you since she’s such a great person.

    Michael Neuendorff, PCC

    San Francisco Executive Coach, Sales Trainer, Public Speaking Coach, High Performance Team Builder